Drew Bledsoe Shares Powerful Message About Suicide Prevention

Former Washington Cougars and NFL star Drew Bledsoe is speaking out about the news that rocked his alma mater this week.
Earlier this week, Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound with police investigating his death as an apparent suicide.
In reaction to the news, which directly impacted his own family with his son John being a Cougars teammate of Hilinski, the Super Bowl champ sent out a heartfelt message about suicide prevention.
You can read Bledsoe’s full message below:


PLEASE READ!! I didn’t know Tyler well but he was a great friend and mentor to my son. That’s all a dad can ask for. As men we have to learn to TALK about how we are feeling. Suicide is the #2 killer of men between 18-45!! Reaching out for help when we need it is NOT a sign of weakness. Trusting your friends and asking for help is the ultimate sign of STRENGTH!! If we sprain an ankle we go see a doctor. If we’re struggling emotionally we have to learn to treat it the same way. It’s our obligation to the people we love and the people who love us.

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