WATCH: Pelicans Fan Pretends To Be Player, Gets On Court For Warm-Ups

Have you ever dreamed of taking an NBA court with your favorite players to enjoy a little shootaround? Well, one New Orleans Pelicans fan got to live that dream and became an internet sensation in the process.

During the team’s warm-up against the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, the fan made his way from a courtside seat dressed in team gear from head to toe and bypassed security for a spot on the court.

The fan hilariously stretched on the court before a ball was finally passed his way and he had the opportunity to heave up a shot.

The shot was a brick, as you would expect, and security then came to see who the man was.

That’s when he was escorted back to his seat, but it didn’t matter because he had a brief moment to live out his dream and entertain fans who noticed his antics in the process.

Check out the video below:


Unfortunately, New Orleans lost to the Clippers, 112-103. Maybe if the fan would have warmed up a little more they could have called him onto the court to make some clutch shots down the stretch.