Peyton Manning Being Pursued As NFL Analyst By FOX, ESPN

Peyton Manning’s next job could be in the booth.
According to reports this week, the future Pro Football Hall of Famer is being pursued as a part-time NFL analyst by FOX and ESPN with reports that Manning is the top choice for both networks.
The New York Post‘s Andrew Marchand reported the news on Friday.
While Manning is being pursued, however, Marchand indicated that he “has been reluctant” to make the transition to television. The reason for Manning’s reluctancy to take a television gig is because he one day hopes to be a part owner of a franchise while running football operations.
Marchand wrote:

Manning’s ultimate goal is to be like John Elway and have an ownership stake in a team, while running football operations, he has said. Multiple TV officials who have spoken to him believe that remains his long-term target, but Manning has not fully ruled out TV in the interim.
Before last season, Fox reached out to Manning to see if he would be interested in going into the studio or being a game analyst. As he has told all the networks annually, he did not want to become a broadcaster at that time. Fox will try again, but, at this point, it is ESPN that is being far more aggressive.

If Manning lands with ESPN, he could be a prime candidate to replace Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football. Gruden recently left ESPN to return to the NFL as head coach of the Oakland Raiders.
If FOX is the landing spot for the former quarterback, he could be the prime candidate to lead their new Thursday Night Football package which they recently acquired for a reported $3.3 billion for five years.
Regardless of where Manning ends up, it’s clear that his future will be in football and he won’t be leaving the game anytime soon.

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