WATCH: Rutgers Football Team Attempts Curling For First Time

Curling is one of the most intriguing sports in the Winter Olympics.
Every Olympic cycle, it seems that the sport gains a new following and becomes one of the most watched events of the games and this year is no different. In fact, there may be even more attention on curling than ever before with the United States men’s curling team — led by John Shuster — reaching the gold medal match for the first time thanks to a stunning semifinal victory over Canada.
With the attention on the sport, the Rutgers football team decided to get in on the fun and enjoy the Winter Olympics spirit.
Members of the offensive line took to the ice in a video from The Players’ Tribune to try out the new sport and things went about as smoothly as you would expect from 300-pound men attempting to try something new on the ice.
You can check out the video below:

Better luck next time, fellas. Let’s hope the Scarlet Knights fare better on the gridiron this season.

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