Donte DiVincenzo Twitter Account Gets Deleted

Villanova basketball player Donte DiVincenzo has disappeared from social media. After becoming a breakout star of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, the sophomore guard generated plenty of attention for his 31-point performance off the bench which led the Wildcats to a national championship.
Unfortunately for DiVincenzo, with that kind of fame comes extra scrutiny.
The 6-foot-5 guard learned his lesson quickly when old tweets that were offensive began circulating. In one of the tweets, DiVincenzo was caught using the n-word.
“Ballin on these n—-s like I’m Derrick Rose!” DiVincenzo tweeted.
The tweet has since been deleted, along with his entire account on the social media network.
Villanova briefly claimed that DiVincenzo was hacked, but they ultimately deleted the tweet. To DiVincenzo’s credit, the account had not tweeted in nearly two years, so there is plenty of reason to believe that he has changed for the better.
DiVincenzo, the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four, finished thenational championship with 31 points, five rebounds, three rebounds and two blocks.

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