NFL Draft Rumors 2018: Giants Would Select Sam Darnold

The NFL Draft rumors are heating up with the league’s annual player selection just over two weeks away. Many of the rumors swirling surround the top quarterbacks in the draft, specifically Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen.
There seems to be little doubt that all three signal-callers will be off the board early, but the order of their selections and which teams are the best fit remain up in the air.
We have heard that the Cleveland Browns are debating between USC’s Darnold and Allen of Wyoming with the No. 1 team in the draft, and their decision will play a big roll in the shift of the draft from there.
If the Browns take Darnold, it is believed the New York Giants would lean towards NC State pass rusher Bradley Chubb.
However, if Cleveland takes Josh Allen, the Giants could be ready to pull the trigger on drafting Eli Manning’s future replacement by taking Darnold.
From Bren Sobleski of Bleacher Report:

As Sobleski mentioned, this could all be a smoke screen, an all too familiar tactic during the draft season when teams plant information with the hope of causing a player to fall into their laps.
So while Darnold is highly-coveted, could there be more interest in Rosen than other teams are letting on? We will get those answers April 26 with the draft officially kicks off at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The draft will run through April 28, with live coverage on ESPN and the NFL Network.

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