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Toledo Claims It Will Change Mascot To Shrek For 500,000 RTs


The University of Toledo is drumming up some excitement on social media with an interesting proposal. According to the school’s official Twitter account, Toledo is willing to move on from Rocky the Rocket for a more famous and familiar face. In a tweet published Tuesday morning, Toledo said that for 500,000 retweets the university will change its mascot to Shrek.

Excuse me?

I’m not really sure what an ogre has to do with the Rockets, but hey, to each their own.


Of course, even if the Rockets to get their coveted 500,000 retweets on Twitter, there would be some major hurdles before the University of Toledo could change its mascot to Shrek because you know DreamWorks would have something to say.

Regardless, it would be entertaining to see Toledo get their 500,000 retweets just to see if any effort is made to acquire the Shrek mascot. Who wouldn’t want to see that? There’s just something hilarious about the idea that Shrek could roam the sidelines of the Glass Bowl, which Toledo would have to rename “The Swamp.”

The Rockets — or Ogres — kick off the 2018 campaign on Sept. 1 against the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) Keydets.


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