LaVar Ball Pulls LiAngelo, LaMelo From Lithuania Over Coaching Dispute

LaVar Ball’s time in Lithuania is over. On Wednesday, the Big Baller Brand patriarch announced that he will be pulling his sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, out of Lithuania before the season ends. Ball made it very clear that he is unhappy with Vytautas head coach Virginijus Seskus and the amount of playing time the sons received. LiAngelo is also preparing for the NBA Draft after suffering an injury that forced him out of the Vytautas lineup.
Vytautas is currently struggling to avoid relegation and has just two games remaining on its schedule.
“We’re not going to waste our time no more,” LaVar said after pulling his sons from the team, according to Lithuanian basketball reporter Donatas Urbonas.
“LaVar added that they had to shut down Gelo for the season in order to prepare better for NBA draft combine, pre-draft camps and so on. But he was mad that Melo didn’t get any playing time in the end of the season,” Urbonas added.
LaVar added that coaching was the sole reason for his decision to pull the boys.

Now, LiAngelo will focus on the NBA Draft. As for LaMelo, who has two more years before he can enter the NBA Draft, don’t be surprised if he ends up being the star of LaVar’s JBA league.

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