Oregon Football Uniform History: Evolution Of The Duck

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The Oregon football team is one of the sharpest programs on the gridiron each and every Saturday. The Ducks lead the way in uniform innovation and can go an entire season without wearing the same uniform combination twice. That is why they have become the poster child for uniforms in college football and programs all across the nation have been trying to keep up.

But while Oregon has some of the most modern looks in the sport, it hasn’t always been that way.

When the Ducks first launched their football program, they trotted onto the field with a cartoonish logo. From there, they turned in a standard look with a block logo and plain uniforms. But that has all changed now.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of the Ducks’ uniforms below.

Original Ducks Logo (1974-1993)

The Oregon Ducks original logo featured a block “P,” with an animated duck making its way through the opening. It’s reminiscent of something you would have seen in the original Mighty Ducks movie. While the logo has evolved to become more modern, the original Duck logo still holds a special place in the hearts of the Oregon faithful.


Block OU Logo (1994-1998)

After ditching the animated Duck, Oregon went with a simple block “UO” logo. The green letters were outlined in yellow, making the University of Oregon football team unmistakable. The logo only lasted for four years, however, before the university decided to permanently chance to it’s current “O.”

Modern O (1999-Present)

While the Ducks have not changed their primary logo since 1999, they have found ways to continue keeping a fresh look thanks to being one of the flagship Nike universities. Oregon is constantly switching up their uniform combinations — as evidenced by the gallery above — and led the way when it comes to alternate uniforms in college football.

In recent years, the Ducks have strayed from their usual school colors which has drawn some criticism, but their constant innovation and fresh looks have paved the way for top recruits to make their way to Eugene to get the newest and best Nike gear.