Florida State Football Uniform History: Evolution Of The Seminole


With one of the crispiest jersey combinations in College Football today, the Florida State Seminoles have always been a quality over quantity type of program when it comes to uniforms. Nowadays, there are a lot of teams who don’t even have to wear the same jersey twice with all of their alternates, but FSU has been running with the classic home, away, and alternate looks for years and they have fielded some darn good teams in them during that time.
But the signature embroidery and arrow haven’t always been as fresh a look as they are today. It took a lot of work for FSU to get their jersey game to where it is today.

While FSU began as a program running out in long sleeve striped shirts and khakis in 1904, everything changed after the Buckman Act was passed and the team was essentially disbanded. Returning in 1947 after WWII, it was the birth of the team’s signature garnet and gold color combo and although they had a long way to go before they were considered one of the nicer uniforms in college football, a legacy was being created.
Here is a history of the evolution of the FSU Football team’s uniforms throughout the years:

The First Seminole Logo (1976-1989)


While the Seminole has been the teams primary logo since the 70s, the team frequently uses their alternate ‘Arrow’ logo on their helmets. While tweaks have been made to both the Seminole and the Arrow, they have kept the same base look for years, and are considered classics in the world of college sports. The uniforms on the other hand have come a long way from the ones used in the lats 60s and early 70s which can be seen below.


The Arrow Takes Over (1976-1997)


As pictured above, while the Seminoles may have had one of the flashiest players in football history in the great Deion Sanders, the same can’t be said about their uniforms. Opting to make their arrow logo the primary feature for their helmets, FSU for a long stretch, had a fairly plain jersey design that was so simple and clean that it was impossible not to like. Unless you’re a Gators fan that is.

Enter The Embroidery (1998-2005)


When FSU signed with Nike in 1998, it was the start of the clean and crisp uniforms we know today. The team immediately spruced up their uniforms by adding their signatrue embroidery on the collar and sleeves. While it was a suddle change to the uniform, the difference is quite noticeable, and adds that sense of ‘pizzazz’ that the team was missing before.

The Modern Era (2006-Present)


After renegotiating their deal with Nike in 2005, FSU once again took their jersey game to the next level, recreating their now beloved embroidery as well as adding a new black alternate uniform which would become one of the cleanest alternate jerseys in sports today. While the Seminole is still the team’s primary logo, they tend to use the arrow and their new FSU logo for the helmets, and while they don’t have as many jersey combinations as some other schools, the few looks that they do use are some of the best in the game today.
That being said, there is always room for improvement. At least that’s how new head coach Willie Taggart feels as he has already teased the idea that there could be some new jersey combinations in the works for the 2018 season. Only time will tell how the new jerseys will look, but if the past is any indication, you can expect some minor improvements on what has come to be a timeless jersey design.

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