Teacher Linda Janack Accused Of Running 'Hot For Teachers' Website

Linda Janack, a teacher at Edgemont Elementary School in Van Buren Township, Michigan has been accused of running a porn site, titled Hot for Teachers. Her husband, Scott, was also allegedly involved in the operation of the website.
It is important to note that Janack has not been accused of any crime.
School superintendent Pete Kudlak said officials are “working through the process now.” Her status as a teacher at the school is up in the air. Her husband, Scott Janack, is also a teacher. He is the physical education teacher at Riverside Middle School in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.
From the report:

Janack’s husband, Scott, spoke to Local 4 on the phone Wednesday. He refused to allow the conversation to be recorded, but he confirmed he and his wife have a website. He said he hopes more people will go to it and see it. Scott Janack refused to comment on whether his wife will be teaching this fall and said they are in talks with the school district about the situation.

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Janack is just the latest teacher to be facing scrutiny after inappropriate actions. Over the course of just a few months, educators across the country were arrested for entering into an inappropriate relationship with their students, Tennessee teacher Janet Smothers, LaToya Parker, Florida teacher Caroline Lawson, 26-year-old Allyson Moran and Katherine Ross Ridenhour were all arrested on similar charges. A woman named Kayla Sprinkles was arrested in North Carolina for similar sexual crimes.

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