US Open Officials Under Scrutiny For Treatment Of Alizé Cornet

US Open officials have received backlash for their treatment of a female tennis player who was punished for removing her shirt on the court after realizing it was on backward.
In the now-viral clip, French tennis player Alize Cornet can be seen quickly reversing her shirt during a 10-minute delay in her match against Johanna Larsson at the US Open in New York City.
Due to this, chair umpire Christian Rask hit Cornet — the 31st ranked women’s tennis player in the world — with a code violation.

via ABC:

After placing her bag down, she strode into the shadows at the back of the court, put her racquet between her legs, turned her back to her opponent and the crowd and quickly lifted her top off, briefly revealing a black and red sports bra.
Shortly after she’d flipped it back into place, umpire Christian Rask issued her with the penalty.
While technically Cornet had fallen foul of “unsportsmanlike behaviour”, Murray and others were quick to point out a double standard that exists in the sport.
Male players regularly swap their shirt at the change of ends, with the umpire’s permission while sat in their chair. Cornet had observed the WTA rules in the first instance and switched her shirt in the privacy of the locker room.

The high temperatures have been in a major factor in this year’s US Open, prompting the need for heat breaks during both men’s and women’s matches.
Many people on social media, particularly Judy Murray — the mother of former US Open and Wimbledon champion Andy Murray — were quick to point of the hypocrisy of the US Open’s rules:

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Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 8/29