NCAA Clears MSU Of Any Rule Violations In Larry Nassar Case

Michigan State University will reportedly avoid face punishment from the NCAA over the actions of Larry Nassar and their response to his crimes.
The university previously was under investigation by the NCAA after an ESPN report that detailed multiple sexual assault allegations against football and basketball players and the school’s response to those allegations.
In January 2018, the NCAA opened their investigation into the university, stating in a letter to the school that the allegations against Nassar “raise serious concerns about institutional practices, student-athlete safety and the institutions actions to protect individuals from his behavior.”
Over the course of the investigation, several former university athletes said they told other authority figures on campus about Nassar’s conduct but their complaints were “not taken seriously.”
via MLive:

A letter sent this week from NCAA Vice President of Enforcement Jonathan F. Duncan to Michigan State athletic director Bill Beekman informed the school that two NCAA reviews have not “substantiated violations of NCAA legislation” and that “it does not appear there is a need for further inquiry.”
“We welcome closure in regards to the NCAA inquiry,” Beekman said in a statement. “MSU cooperated fully with the inquiry over the past several months and provided all requested documentation and access to key personnel.

Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 125 years in prison on Monday, February 5, for three counts of criminal sexual conduct.

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