This Theory That Drake Is Trying To Tell Us He Slept With Kim Kardashian Will Blow Your Mind

Look, just to get this out of the way, the following is a THEORY that I found on Twitter, which means it should be taken with a grain of salt.
HOWEVA, it is a very, very interesting theory, so interesting that I just had to write about it. These are two of the most buzz-worthy people on the planet Earth and the clues laid out in this thread were far too strong to be ignored.
This entire thread can be found on Twitter, but it’s LONG, so we cherry-picked the best Tweets for you. Oh, and if you find yourself asking why I wrote this, first ask yourself why you’re reading it. Then, when you’re done reading, if you think the theory is bullshit, blame the guy on Twitter, not me — I’m merely the messenger:

Twitter user @tmorrison24 begins by saying that he had a buddy who first suggested this theory to him, and like most of us, he initially blew it off. That is until he begin to research it himself:

He delves into who the Drake/Kanye beef started and how it fueled the Drake/Pusha T beef. That, in addition to the Instagram captions by both Drake and Kim, begins connecting the dots:

Then we take a closer look at some of Drake’s most recent lyrics, one have which happened to go SUPREMELY viral:

Kiki sure sounds familiar now, doesn’t it?

The thread then dives DEEP into more of Drake’s lyrics off Scorpion, as well as why he never responded to Pusha T:

My man then goes a little too deep, talking about how far the two live from each other and what not. If you’re interested in all that, again, the full thread can be found on Twitter.
So what’s the takeaway? The takeaway is, who the hell knows? Probably not? But you never know with this Hollywood folk — some weird shit goes down out there and I wouldn’t put it past either Kim or Drake.
The final question is, am I embarrassed that I wrote this article.?
Well, if you’ve read this far, then I’m as embarrassed as you are. Checkmate.

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