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Dez Bryant Pulls A KD, Gets Caught With A Burner Account


Apparently learning nothing from the trials and tribulations of fellow athlete Kevin Durant, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been caught operating a burner account.

In a now-deleted tweet, Bryant — who remains a free agent after being cut by the Cowboys and turning down a contract from the Cleveland Browns — appeared to accidentally quote tweet himself.

The original tweet from Dez said “the problem was my ex-teammates respected me more than the coaches” and then Dez quote tweeted it saying “I can see that” — he literally agreed with himself.

And given that most (normal) people don’t publicly agree with themselves and that he deleted the tweet, eagle-eyed football fans quickly deduced that Dez meant to be tweeting from his burner account.


As for what the exact handle of Dez Bryant’s burner account is, no one knows, but knowing how the internet works, it’s only a matter of time until someone figures it out.

Where’s that guy who busted Bryan Colangelo’s burner accounts with that data analyzation? I’m sure he could have this case cracked in no time.

Dez Bryant Burner Account Twitter Handle: Unknown

While it seems obvious that Dez operates a burner account (or a couple), at this time, no one has been able to uncover the account’s information.


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