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WATCH: Student Nearly Gets Crushed By 441-Pound Boulder


A student in Norway had the scare of a lifetime. While climbing in the tiny town of Sila, the student was scaling a rock wall with his friends and a teacher when he received a scare that put him inches within his life.

In the video you can see a student trying to get a firm grip on the rock wall when all of a sudden a boulder breaks loose. According to the Daily Mail, the boulder weighed a whopping 441-pounds.

“We wanted find boulders that nobody had tried yet. We found some rock and decided to do some bouldering by ourselves,” the student said. “When it was my turn to climb, everything was going fine until I was doing the last bits of pulling to get over the edge. The pulling resulted in a rock weighing at least 441 pounds falling out of the wall.

“I immediately released my grip to the loose rock and fell straight down, with certainty that the rock was coming after me. ‘When I landed on the bouldering mat I jumped away from the wall a split second before the rock crashed on to the bouldering mat. ‘This impact made a hole straight through it”

Talk about a scare. Luckily, no one was harmed in the making of this video.


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