5 Best College Football Uniforms in 2018

College Football Uniforms
The season is fully underway and top teams from Power 5 conferences are chasing the playoffs and their dreams of a National Title. But there is another competition that you won’t find covered by top international sportsbooks like Bovada, yet is always a hot topic each season. Who has the best new uniforms? Are they ugly … or brilliant? Well, let’s break it down into both categories.

5. Louisianna Monroe Warhawks

The Warhawks have had some terrible uniforms of late. Their 2014 iterations were something to considers while mouthing the words, ‘wow … just wow …’ But they have turned over a new leaf in 2018 and their new uniforms look classically fantastic.

4. Air Force Falcons

The Air Force Falcons new Air Power Series AC-130 alternate uniforms are awesome. The gun-ship grey and pants and jerseys is a nice change of pace from the traditional blue and white. And those ‘squadron patches’ on the helmets is the icing on the ‘death-from-above’ cake.

3. Minnesota Golden Gophers

With 100 different combinations, Minnesota’s new H.Y.P.P.R. ELITE uniforms by Nike are definitely elite. The motif is classic BIG 10, but with a fresh twist of style. The new maroon, white and anthracite jerseys and are all interchangeable along with new helmets and ‘Dart Gold’ pants to throw in the mix. The way the oar ‘pops’ on the white helmets make for a mean looking uniform, especially paired with the grey pants and shirt.

2. Oregon Ducks

Strength in numbers, or strength in number-size? The program that originally brought national attention to team uniforms through their 18 million combinations and sparked a cold war between teams, making each wanting to outdo the other with the coolest uniforms,  the Oregon Ducks are back with new sets of uniforms for 2018. Being direct recipients of Phil Knight and Nike doesn’t hurt things for the Ducks, but even so, they have been one of the few teams that have been able to consistently pull off ‘crazy’ and make the outlandish look good. The Ducks new digs are a little more streamlined this season with solid colors and crazy huge numbers. When I say the numbers are big, I mean they are colossal. But somehow it works, and the zebra-men should never ever call a penalty on the wrong player … ever.

1. Maryland Terrapins

Remember Maryland’s first attempt at going for an ‘Oregon-level’ uniform level uniform? Yeah, it was horrible with maybe the ugliest football helmets ever created. The Terps have essentially stuck to their guns or … stuck to slight changes in their ugly for consecutive years. But they have finally done it and we should all give whomever actually the new outfits at Under Armour a hand. They have managed to keep the same theme of clashing shapes and colors that were previously so jarring and turn out some of the coolest college football helmets that we’ve seen in a while. The tops and pants have been simplified with the checkers & Charlie Brown pattern just at the outside edges of the sleeves. Congrats, Maryland. You finally look good! And it may not e the absolute best new uniform in college football, but you win the No. 1 spot because it is definitely the most improved.

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