Oakland A's Find The Fan Who Got Beer Poured Him, Hook Him Up With Tickets To A Game

The Oakland Athletics fan wearing who had beer poured him at the Oakland Athletics AL Wild Card game against the New York Yankees has been identified as Oakland, California native John Spencer.
In the video, Spencer — who can be seen wearing an Eric Chavez jersey at the game — has beer poured him by a New York Yankees supporter while fans in the bleachers were celebrating the result of the game.

The Oakland Athletics Twitter account identified the unfortunately soaked individual as Oakland native and New York City resident John Spencer. As a result, they will be sending John a care package and flying him out to a game next season.
via Twitter:

We found him! Now dry, the Oakland native and current NY resident is John Spencer. We’ll be sending John a care package and we’ll host him at a game next season. Thanks for representing the A’s in New York, John!

Spencer took the incident in stride, though, as he posted multiple updates to Twitter. One such update, which included a picture of him and his girlfriend, said that they were “still in good spirits”.
Another update on Twitter indicated that he has “never been prouder” to be an Oakland Athletics fan:

“Never been more proud to be an A’s fan. Born and raised in Oakland but living in Brooklyn now. Sad my Chavez jersey got covered in beer but it was so worth it! Y’all are the best!”

But because it’s 2018, the story doesn’t end there: due to his vague resemblance to eSports star Ninja, the Fortnite sensation must have become aware of the incident and offered Spencer to play Fortnite with him:

Spencer, sensing this could be his chance at 15 minutes of internet fame, quickly accepted:

And while Spencer may have gotten reimbursed, the A’s sure didn’t, as their season came to an end at the hands of the Bronx Bombers, ultimately losing the AL Wild Card game 7-2. As for the Yankees, they advanced to the American League Division Series to take on their AL East rivals, the Boston Red Sox.
The Yankees and Red Sox will kick off the ALDS at Fenway Park in Boston on Friday, October 5.

Yankees vs A's Live Stream: Watch AL Wild Card Game Online Streaming
Yankees vs A's Live Stream: Watch AL Wild Card Game Online Streaming