Louisville Football Player Arrested For Threatening To Kill Girlfriend

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Louisville football player Kemari Averett was arrested on Oct. 16, 2018 for pointing a gun to his girlfriend’s head and threatening to kill her. He is incarcerated in Louisville Metro jail on a $10,000 bond.

What Happened?


Kemari Averett was charged for first-degree wanton endangerment and fourth-degree assault after he was reported by his girlfriend for assault and threatening to kill her.

According to the citation, Averett realized his laptop was missing from a backpack returned by his girlfriend after they have been studying Sunday night. Averett approached her in her car and pointed a gun to her, threatening to kill her. The report also stated that Averett threatened to shoot up the car and told her he would “have my people looking for you.”

Witnesses said Averett pulled her hair while pointing the gun.

Averett also told a witness in the back seat, “I should pistol whip your (expletive) for running your mouth.”

Averett was arrested by the University of Louisville Police on Monday at an apartment off-campus.

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“Kemari Averett has been suspended immediately from all football activities per further investigation,” head coach Bobby Petrino said to Courier-Journal. “He will not have access to our facility or be involved in any team activities during this suspension.”

Athletic director Vince Tyra backed Petrino, says in a statement that the school has “high expectations” for all its athletes and “inappropriate conduct will absolutely not be tolerated.” He also added that the team strives to “develop a culture of accountability that everyone in our program must live up to.”

Averett’s bail was set at $10,000 at Tuesday’s arraignment. He was also ordered not to have contact with his girlfriend and was banned from possessing any type of firearms.

Averett is scheduled to appear in court next on Oct. 26.

Who is Kemari Averett?


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The 6-foot-7, 267-pound Kemari Averett is a tight end for the Louisville football team. He has caught eight passes for 65 yards and two touchdowns in six games.

Louisville is 2-5 and has a bye this week.