L.A Clippers CourtVision Releases Revolutionary Technology

The conventional way of relaxing on your sofa with your favorite sports channel playing on your widescreen TV might be obsolete soon.
Steve Ballmer’s NBA team, the L.A Clippers, has rolled out a new augmented reality viewing experience for their fans on the opening night for the 2018-19 NBA season at Staples Center.
This new augmented reality technology is called Clippers CourtVision, which uses the newly introduced artificial intelligence and computer visions to analyze the action on the court and translate that into on-screen annotations and animations. Viewers will be able to experience new things such as seeing the probability that a player will shoot a shot. This new technology allows you to be in control as you can choose from multiple camera angles across the arena and selecting your audio choices (such as an unfiltered in-arena sound.) Clippers CourtVision will also allow you to watch live games and recaps on both mobile or desktop devices.

This innovated technology was developed by Second Spectrum, a startup led by artificial intelligence experts that were known to be the “official optical tracking provider” in 2016. Second Spectrum’s special software allows computers to watch live sports and track player, as well as ball movement at a level never performed before. It then implements machine learning technologies and AI to create a live NBA stream with data and graphics to enhance viewers experiences.

There are three modes that stand out.
There is a “Coach Mode” in which fans can watch the logistics of the game be drawn out on the screen as it happens.
“Player Mode” is a mode where fans can see real-time statistics like the probability of your favorite players making their shot.
Last but not least, the “Mascot Mode” provides fun animations and cartoon stickers that give players a superhero look when they make an explosive dunk or a 3-point shot.
The new viewing experience is available today to FOX Sports Prime Ticket subscribers in the Los Angeles area through the FOX Sports app.

But this is not the last of the cool technologies that will come out of the NBA. Ballmer made it sound that this is the just the first version of the technology is just the start.
“I think we have something exciting, something that people can really use, something that would be much appreciated, and something where we already see the prospect of enhancement and change that will be super valuable,” he said. “I’m super excited about what we’ve got, and I’m also super excited about what’s coming.”

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Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 10/18