Cleveland Browns Rumors: Dabo Swinney Mentioned As Head Coach Candidate

Add Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney to the list of college coaches making the rounds in the Cleveland Browns rumor mill. After names like Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley and Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell were linked to the Browns opening following Hue Jackson’s firing on Monday, October 29, Swinney has been mentioned as a potential candidate.
The suggestion comes from Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson, who lists Swinney along with Riley and New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.
Robinson says that those close to Swinney believe he is interested in a potential crack at the NFL and that it will eventually come.
“Listening to some people around the NFL who know Swinney, I’m convinced he will eventually take a shot at the next level of football,” Robinson wrote. “His backers in the league – some of whom suggested Monday the Browns would be wise to take a big swing for him – have thought about his candidacy down to a granular level. From the potential coaching support staff that Swinney could have lined up quickly, to executives who would be willing to work with him and Dorsey, to how his offense could be tailored to maximize Baker’s growth in the NFL.
“That’s a lot of thought on a guy who doesn’t instantly jump to the top of most Browns coaching lists.”
Swinney is currently earning $9 million at Clemson so it would take a lucrative offer to lure him from South Carolina. Add in the fact that many believe Swinney could be Nick Saban’s successor at Alabama and Swinney may ultimately decide to stay put and see how things play out in the college landscape.

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