Athlete Brody Klein Projected As Leader For Outstanding Skillsets

Football, wrestling, track, powerlifting, 4.0 GPA? Which one of that does not describe a well-rounded individual to you? For Brody Klein, none of that is enough. He has his goals way higher than being just well rounded.

Who Is Brody Klein?

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A Junior in Rainier High School, Brody Klein has managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA, playing a variety of sports ranging from powerlifting to track, and excelling in them. Perhaps one of the secrets that propelled him to his present-day success is his observational skills. Watching how people maneuver themselves in certain ways allows Klein to understand the logistics of the activity better. For example, wrestling.
Nisqually Valley News cites, “It’s really exciting to see your teammates wrestle because you can learn from them by watching them do certain things, like new ways to set moves up,” Klein said. “You can take notes on them and learn from them without having to wrestle them.”

But watching how people move is one thing, what about actually doing himself?
When Klein was a sophomore, he won fifth place in the state for wrestling and he directed a lot of that to his observation skills. But his hunger for more success and improvement rendered him to think of his achievements as something that still needs work on.

“I want to place fifth or higher in wrestling this season,” Klein said. “All I want is to improve. So anything higher than fifth is what I’m striving for.”

Something tells me that he’s going to definitely make it because he still has a year of hidden potential left to unravel.

Nowadays, Klein is a lot focused on working on his leadership skills. With praises from his coach and his teammates, Klein proves that leading is a skill he has also mastered.
“During football season, my team voted me captain this year, and so I had to step up to that,” Klein said. He also mentioned last spring, he would religiously be there to help his powerlifting advisor write out the workouts the club was going to do that day.

Chris Holterman, the head wrestling coach also chipped in on Klein’s leadership skills.

“Out here in practice, he’s one of our more vocal leaders,” said Chris Holterman. “I don’t do captains…I just pick somebody who’s been doing good for that particular match, so we don’t have set captains or anything. But Brody is one of our team leaders just because he’s vocal and outgoing. I think he could be a great leader, but when you’re a junior, there’s obviously more room for growth. He’s a good kid.”

With a personal resume like that, I don’t think his future would be anything less than shining. In addition, be sure to know that he also fishes, read history and FBI novels, gym, and hike during his free time!

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Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 11/15
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