Olivia Paregol Dead: Cause Of Death & Must-See Details

Olivia Paregol, a University of Maryland student, is dead at age 18. Lauren died of Adenovirus 7. According to CBS News, “the testing of one specimen sent to the CDC revealed Adenovirus 7, a strain that may cause more severe illness.”
“Just the sweetest girl that you would ever possibly meet,” her father, Ian Paregol told WJZ. “She was just a real beautiful soul and a wonderful person.”
The report states:

The University of Maryland’s Health Center said it learned of the student’s illness on November 1. Since then, there have been reports of five additional cases of students with an adenovirus-associated illness. Adenovirus has been in the news in recent weeks after several children died from the disease at a rehab facility in New Jersey. Adenoviruses are common causes of colds, but there are strains that can cause more serious illnesses.

“When the virus gets into the lungs it can cause damage to the lungs and often you’ll get what’s called a superinfection or a bacterial infection on top of it, which can also be very serious,” said Dr. Scott Krugman, Vice Chair Pediatrics Sinai Hospital.
Students were evacuated from Olivia’s dorm room in order for cleaning, though there is no confirmation that it was related to the disease.
The virus — which causes colds and pneumonia — has killed 11 students at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in New Jersey to date.

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