Nebraska Football Coach Scott Frost Answers 5-Year-Old's Birthday Wish

The Life of professional sports figures can get quite tedious. From a coach’s standpoint, they work endless hours, prepare for upcoming events, and construct a team just to keep their jobs. Not to mention even in doing all of this their jobs are never considered safe. Their job security is contingent upon the success of the team. Some may argue its one of the most cutthroat business in the sport.
However, on top of their professional career and life stresses many of them are public icons. They have to handle the daily duties that come with fame. Duties include talking to the media, behaving on and off the field, and understanding how little privacy they actually have due to their respected job title. Being in the spotlight can seem like a roller coaster at times. Their time is very restricted, and many coaches don’t even make the time to interact with their own fans.

A midlevel stands view during a game at Memorial Stadium


Fanbases are loyal to their team, many would even say that it’s a way of life. So, to no surprise, many of them write letters to their favorite sports figure. However, many sports figures find it hard to reply to their fans because of the number of letters they receive and have to respond to outweighs the free time they actually have to respond to them.  But Scott Frost is one of the exceptions.
Scott Frost is currently the head football coach at the University of Nebraska. Before his Cornhusker career, he made his fame with the University of Central Florida. He came to UCF in 2015 and is credited with transforming their football program into a powerhouse. In his first year, he helped the previous winless Knights to a six-win season and a bowl berth. The next year UCF went undefeated and won the American Championship game. Frost after the American Championship game then led his team to the Peach Bowl where they would take down number seven in the nation Auburn. It was this year under Frost’s command where UCF put college football on notice.
Soon after his success with UCF, he accepted the head coaching position at Nebraska. This past season he led the Cornhuskers to a measly 4-8 record. However, Nebraska fans have trust in Frost that he will turn the team around. With given the ultimate stress of attempting to turn a once iconic football program back to its glory, Frost surprisingly took the time to reply to a birthday invitation from a young Husker fan.
A front display of Memorial Stadium where the Nebraska football program plays


The invitation was from a five-year-old named Lily. Unfortunately, Frost had to decline the invitation, but he took the time to respond to her. In the letter, he stated ” Dear Lily, thank you for your note. I am sorry but I won’t be able to attend your birthday dinner. I hope you have a great 5th birthday party.” Lily’s father took the time and posted on Reddit a picture of the letter Frost sent to her. Imgur also posted pictures of the letter and a priceless reaction of Lily receiving the letter.
With a classy move on Frost’s part, it’s nice to see coaches interacting with their fans. Especially when they are strained with the job of winning and retaining those fans with their ultimate success.

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