Super Bowl 53 Prediction: Madden 19 Predicts Winner

If there’s anything traditional to EA Sports during late January into February, Super Bowl Week always takes the cake. Madden tournaments, prolific concerts, and celebrity sightings complete with appearances from popular musical artists and players fill the vacant venues all around the great city of Atlanta, Georgia in this year’s installment of one of professional football’s most exciting conclusions to yet another year.
It’s also a tradition that the hard-working and ever-so studious people down in Tiburon, Florida working on next years virtual Pro Football installment in the series produce the final content of the NFL season, a short, animated clip predicting the score of the NFL’s season-finale, and for their 30th game, had a pretty interesting as to who would win.
Most people reading this probably have their own prop bets on the game, conspiring avenues of possibility as to how many yards Rams tailback Todd Gurley would run for, how many sacks the “unblockable” Aaron Donald would get, and who would ultimately walk away with another Lombardi.
While using Madden NFL 19 to accurately depict what scenarios that will go down in Atlanta Sunday night, EA Sports gave football fans everywhere some predictions on key players’ stats and performances as well.
Is Madden the perfect game? That opinionated question could be taken up with just about everyone that’s jumped for joy in their living rooms after a final-second heave to the end zone or either smashed their controllers to bits from a good old fashioned rage quit after fumbling for the fourth time while playing online. But, for the past couple of years, haven’t been that far off of predicting Super Bowl champions.
It was only four games ago during Madden 15’s time that EA Sports got the score and champion 100 percent right.

This year, EA Sports sees the Rams winning a really close one down the stretch, with the Rams defense having the last laugh against Tom Brady for his fourth, and first back-to-back, loss on Super Sunday. Madden NFL 19 scored this one, 30-27, with the win going to the Los Angeles Rams.
That 30-27 score comes by way of a Sean McVay-orchestrated comeback down a mountainous 17-3 deficit at the half on the strength of a downhill running game from the likes of a Sony Michel rushing TD and Brady doing what he does best, connecting repeatedly with Pats WR Julian Edelman leading up to a touchdown by Brady’s favorite target. Brady puts up 287, throws for two TDs and gifts the Rams a lone interception in Sunday’s matchup.
Following an imaginary Maroon 5 and Travis Scott halftime bonanza was a resurgent performance from Rams quarterback Jared Goff. He has a 300+yard effort, which is largely materialized in the second half throwing to Robert Woods (46 yards, 1 TD) and Cooper Kupp’s replacement Josh Reynolds (26 yards, 1 TD).
The Reynolds touchdown knotted up the Super Bowl at 20 in Atlanta at the end of the third quarter, and a 53-yard Greg Zuerlein field goal gave the Rams the lead in the fourth.
But you know at this point, there’s no counting out Touchdown Tom. He’d proceed to lead the Patriots down the field for a score late in the fourth to take back the league for the five-time Super Bowl champions, in hopes of collecting ring No. 6.
The deficiency showed in the Pats’ defense, and Brian Flores’ defense that had been lights out all postseason couldn’t get the big stop when it mattered the most. A late drive was capped by Todd Gurley’s five-yard score to make it 30-27, giving the Rams their first title since 2000.
For people rooting against the Patriots (apparently, all of America), this is a sight for sore eyes, to put it euphemistically. But, we will all have to wait for Sunday’s big game to see if EA Sports was spot on or dead wrong for yet another year.

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