Vince Young Comments On Recent DWI Arrest

This past Monday, former Texas Longhorns star Vince Young was arrested on DWI charges in Fort Bend County, Texas. This would not be the first time the former 2006 third overall pick fell into trouble with the law. In 2016, Young was arrested on a DUI charge in Austin, Texas.
This incident causes concern for many as Young proves to continually violate the law.
It is also worth noting that Young has had financial problems following his NFL career. Young’s continuous irresponsible behaviors have tainted his football legacy, but he took to social media today to discuss his recent arrest.

As we see in the Twitter post, Young admits to driving under the influence. He stated, “I deeply apologize for letting my family, my friends, and my fans down. I am going to take aggressive actions to make sure this never happens again. I take full responsibility for my actions.”
Young clearly states that he is going to be proactive and take action to prevent this from happening again.
Young is most known for his historic 2006 Rose Bowl performance, where he scored three touchdowns and secured the win for Texas’ national championship.

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