How The AAF Is Already In Financial Problems

The Alliance of American Football kicked off a couple of weeks as the debut game on CBS drew a bigger audience than the top NBA game that day. Despite the early TV success of the new football league, the AAF is struggling financially. The money problems for the AAF is so bad that the league has struggled to pay its players.
The players and coaches all have three year contracts, but the league does not have the money to pay them. The AAF’s financial problems are so bad that it needed a NHL owner to lend them money Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon gave the the AAF $250 million after the first week to keep the league afloat. The move also makes Dundon the chairman of the league, which could change the roles for current chairmen Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian.
Dundon’s role as league chairman could mean the AAF could expand to Raleigh in the near future. The possibility of the AAF expanding has some merit as the XFL is slated to return in 2020. The only issue of the AAF expanding is will the league have enough money to afford to pay for more players and coaches. The league struggled to pay its players in only its second week, so adding more teams would put even more financial strain on the league.
The early money problems of the AAF is not an encouraging sign. While football is the most popular sport to watch in America, NFL fans might not be interested in watching players that were not good enough to make it in the NFL. The AAF may have to find big name players to keep the league afloat, especially with the XFL returning.
The league reached out to Colin Kaepernick, but he demanded that the league pay him $20 million. Considering every player is on a non-guaranteed three year contract worth $250,000, the league said no to Kaepernick’s request. If he did play for the league, Kaepernick would give the league a significant boost financially as people would want to see the 31-year old quarterback play.
The AAF is providing players an opportunity to either get a shot at making the NFL or returning to the NFL. The league’s early financial struggles could be the end of the AAF,but the early TV ratings show that people will still watch football after the Super Bowl.

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