NFL Draft 2019: Kyler Murray Making Physical Improvements

New insight has been given on Kyler Murray’s improvement and preparation for the upcoming NFL Combine. The Heisman winner and projected top quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft has been plastered with disbelief and criticism of his height, dating way back when he suited up for Lincoln Riley’s Oklahoma Sooners. His play may have changed heads and opened eyes, but his stature is still of significant concern if he is even considered to be a first-round selection.
Perhaps an even bigger question mark that teams will have whilst in war rooms come draft day is taking the quarterback off the board with such a slender, smaller figure.
Murray isn’t that much shorter than a Russell Wilson or a Drew Brees, but the Oklahoma standout is considerably lighter than that of the 200 pound-and-above Brees and Wilson.
The Heisman winner is reportedly willing to change that. Peter King of NBC Sports reported that Murray put on some weight before the combine.

Per King’s report:

“One bit of Murray news before we move on. The new Mike Mayock at NFL Network, Daniel Jeremiah—talk about big shoes to fill—told me over the weekend that he heard Murray has bulked up to 203 pounds from his OU playing weight of 190. And calling around over the weekend, I heard it was 206. That is significant.
Here’s why: Talking to NFL people about Murray, as I wrote last week, there was worry that Murray had more of a Mookie Betts build in college than a Russell Wilson physique. Meaning Murray was not only small but also slight. If Murray has spent the past five or six weeks bulking up, that would play in his favor at the combine and in completing scouting reports on a complex prospect, because teams want to see a thicker player than Murray was at OU.
Theoretically, it would mean he’d be more equipped to withstand the pounding he’ll obviously have to face in the NFL.”

It is unclear whether Murray will participate in the throwing aspect of the combine for quarterbacks, though it appears he’s expected to be considerably better with his updated measurements.
The NFL Scouting Combine is scheduled to start on Tuesday, February 26 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana and will be televised on NFL Network.

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