WATCH: Dabo Swinney Plays IM Basketball With His Team

The Clemson football team has been making noise this offseason, but not on the gridiron. The Tigers decided to create their own IM basketball team with top receiver Tee Higgins and star quarterback Trevor Lawrence creating headlines for their play.
Higgins and Lawrence are not the only star members on the football team playing IM basketball at Clemson as head coach Dabo Swinney made an appearance.

Swinney’s presence on an IM basketball court is a little confusing as intramural sports are regulated to students at the university. His presence on the court probably caught Clemson students off guard as they probably thought an IM basketball game was the last place they would see a championship winning coach.
The student tasked with guarding Swinney might have some explaining to do after falling for Swinney’s pump fake.
The 49-year old head coach may been an elite shooter, but he completely fooled his defender with a good pump fake. Swinney attempted a stepback jumper after the pump fake, but the video does not show the Clemson coach making the shot. He flared off the pick nicely as he created plenty of room for himself to operate at the top of the key.
His role on the Clemson football IM team could be as a pick and pop guy as he looked very comfortable setting the screen. Swinney will not have to worry too much about playmaking as Higgins was a finalist for Tennessee’s Mr. Basketball as a junior. The rising sophomore had basketball offers from Louisville, Auburn, and Tennessee, which makes him a little overqualified for him to be playing IM basketball.
Higgins is the clear star of the IM basketball team, but every star needs help from his teammates. As a quarterback, Lawrence would understand how to properly distribute the basketball and acts as the point guard. Swinney would be the guy that sets good screens at the top of the key and rolls to the open space. The Clemson head coach should worry about his players getting injured playing IM basketball, but Swinney is enjoying playing basketball along with his players for now.

AAF TV Ratings: Full Story & Details
AAF TV Ratings: Full Story & Details