Johnny Manziel In Talks With The AAF

Johnny Manziel has had a tumultuous playing career since leaving Texas A&M in 2014. The 2014 first-round draft pick struggled in Cleveland and was most recently playing in the CFL with the Montreal Alouettes. Manziel was just cut by the Alouettes, but that does not mean his football playing career is over, according to Darren Rovell.
The Texas A&M product is already in talks with the AAF as he tries to resurrect his playing career.
The new football league has not made any moves towards adding Manziel, but his addition in the league would drive up the viewing audience. Ever since his time at Texas A&M, Manziel has been must-see TV with his ability to make plays outside of the pocket.

Even when he was with the Cleveland Browns, people tuned in to see what Manziel was going to do next. Despite failing to make an impact in the NFL, he still managed to sign with a team in the CFL. Manziel violated the terms of his contract during his time with the Alouettes, making him ineligible to play.
The AAF is looking into his dismissal from the Alouettes as the new football league wants all the facts on Manziel before letting him play. If he is able to play in the AAF, Manziel would join the San Antonio Commanders as they currently have his rights. The Commanders are currently 1-2 and their quarterbacks are Logan Woodside, Marquise Williams, and Dustin Vaughn.
Woodside has done a good job as the team’s starter, throwing for 629 yards and five touchdowns. Manziel could beat him out for the starting quarterback job and give the league a higher profile. The last Sunday night game for the AAF had over 500,000 viewers, but the addition of Manziel could easily bring that number to over one million.
It’s not a done deal that Manziel will join the AAF, but the former Heisman Trophy would benefit greatly from playing in the new football league.

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