NFL Draft Rumors: Kyler Murray Agent Blasts Reports

Kyler Murray won’t go down without a fight. The Oklahoma star and Heisman Trophy winner is ready to wage the draft winds. Murray recently discussed his draft stock and proved that he was unbothered.
From Pro Football Talk:

The bottom line here is that it calls into question the motives of a man to get on national television and cite anonymous sources on things such as ‘leadership’ and ‘study habits’ about somebody he’s never met…
But when you slander the character and work ethic of a young man who’s worked his ass off his entire life and done everything right to put himself in his current position, you’d better cite your sources and come with a better record than 18-46 as a G.M. of the Texans, and whose own leadership and accountability has been questioned by his old bosses and colleagues, as well as the greatest coach on the planet.

With months to go until the draft, we will online continue to see the Kyler Murray slander.
So just be ready.
The 2019 NFL Draft will take place between April 25 and April 27 in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville earned the honor of hosting the 84th annual player selection over cities Denver, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Cleveland/Canton.

Protected: Biggest and most lucrative deals in the history of NFL
Protected: Biggest and most lucrative deals in the history of NFL