Reese Turner Is an Internet Sensation Despite Being 4-Foot-4

Most short players struggle in basketball as they are unable to make up the size differential on defense. Offensively, shorter players are able to use their low center of gravity to create plays in the middle of the lane. Reece Turner has never let his 4-foot-4 height stop him as the plays a big role for Cushion High School, according to theĀ New York Post.
The junior guard is averaging around eight points per game for Cushion High School, who is 26-4 on the season. Turner has lived by the philosophy heart over height, which he hashtags in almost every Instagram post. Despite his short stature, Turner is an effective shooter as a video of him shooting a pull-up three-pointer has gone viral.

Turner’s use of the unicorn emojis is him trying to join the “Unicorn Fam,” a group of some of the highly recruited high school players in the nation. James Wiseman, Vernon Carey Jr., Jalen Green, RJ Hampton, Jalen Suggs and Zion Harmon are the current members of Unicorn Fam. Wiseman and Carey Jr. are both McDonald’s All Americans, while the other four members are rated as five star recruits in their respective classes.
Turner is turning people’s perspective that he can’t play because of his height. The 4-foot-4 guard has shown that he is tall enough to compete at the high school level. Turner’s heart over height motto is something that Miami point guard Chris Lykes has tattooed on his chest.
The sophomore guard is only 5-foot-7, but is the Hurricanes’ leading scorer at 16.2 points per game. His success in the nation’s toughest conference should be encouraging for Turner. The junior guard’s recent fame is nothing new as Turner interviewed former Stephen F. Austin Brad Underwood in 2015 for ESPN as a Lumberjacks’ super-fan.
Turner has been a key part to Cushion High School’s 26-4 season and will look to continue to improve his basketball career in Texas high school basketball.

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