2 Chainz Speaks On Leaving College Basketball Behind

In an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 F.M. last week, rapper 2 Chainz was asked some questions regarding his new studio album Rap or Go To The League. Around the 9:30 mark in the radio interview, a couple particular questions inquired about the seventh track on the album, titled “NCAA” and was asked to elaborate on his own college basketball journey.
“Well, the incident that happened with me in high school kinda forced me in a certain direction no matter what I wanted to do,” Chainz said, partially referencing the fact that he got caught selling narcotics during his senior year of high school.
“Some coaches called me and offered me a scholarship because they heard what happened. I had kinda lied to [the coach] because I had just done some crazy stuff.”

The story took another turn, when a younger 2 Chainz agreed to pay a visit to the school he would play college basketball at, Alabama State University.
“This coach called me—this whole story is, like, a super roller coaster, right?—so these coaches called me like,” he said. “We heard what happened, man. You know we not far from you. We’re a black school. We got other guys from your high school.'”
After this peculiar incident, officials were notified of the wrongdoing and were fired from the university. After their firing, 2 Chainz and the new staff did not necessarily see eye-to-eye, which resulted in him falling out of love with basketball.
“It made me not even like basketball anymore,” he added. “I remember when I stopped liking it I took a Pell Grant and I bought a pound and I ain’t look back no more.”
It seems that 2 Chainz made the correct business decision to be a rapper. At Alabama State, the former small forward averaged a little over two points a game but was pretty nice during his high school days at North Clayton High School.

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Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 3/11