Who Is Isabelle Henriquez? Georgetown Student Boasts About College Admission Scandal

The college entrance exam scandal has swept the nation with actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman being involved. While the FBI is trying to find out how many people are in on the scheme — which has currently led to at least 50 arrests — the question remains what will happen to the students at the universities. According to the Daily Mail, the students could be facing expulsion.
That is the potential fate of Georgetown junior Isabelle Henriquez, whose parents are part of the scheme. Her father Manuel Henriquez is the CEO of Hercules Technology Growth Capital. He and his wife Elizabeth allegedly paid $25,000 for a proctor to sit with his daughter during the SAT exam in October 2015.
Henriquez was open about having the proctor sit in with her as she gloated about cheating on the SAT.
The couple also allegedly paid former Georgetown tennis coach Gordon Ernst $950,000 to list their daughter as a recruit for the tennis. Henriquez had never played in a high school tennis tournament, yet she was being designated as a recruit for that sport. When she was at Georgetown, Henriquez stated that she played club tennis for 20 hours a week and had a top 50 ranking in United States Tennis Association Junior Girls Tennis.
Her claim could be true, but her lack of high school playing experience makes it unlikely. It’s clear that her parents wanted her to go to Georgetown and would do everything they could to get her in. The couple donated over 400,000 to Key Worldwide Foundation, which was once run by William Singer. Their association with him is important as Singer is seen as the ringleader of the scheme.
Henriquez’s fate at Georgetown is still to be determined, but her future does not look good for her. She openly gloated about cheating on the SAT, which the university could use in its case against her.
Henriquez is the first student whose story has come to light and the first student identified as having knowledge of their parent’s crimes, so potentially many more similar cases will come out in the near future.

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Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 3/13