Mike Trout On The Verge Of Becoming Baseball's Highest Paid Player Ever

Mike Trout, arguably the best player in baseball is a happy man today. Reported by ESPN, Trout and the Los Angeles Angels are closing in on a record-setting deal. It is a 12-year deal worth $430 million. Trout’s previously signed a six-year $144.5 million deal back in 2014. But with the Trout set to enter free agency in the 2020 season, the Angels wanted to lock up the two time AL MVP before any other team had the chance to.
It was speculated that the Phillies were going to make a strong push to sign Trout when made available. Trout grew up in Millville, New Jersey which is only 45 miles away from Philly. But the Angles had different plans.
Trout’s deal is the largest deal in the history of North American sports. The deal beats out Bryce Harpers 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies.
Trouts deal also break’s Zack Greinke’s record for average yearly salary. Greinke’s current deal owes him $34.4 million per year with the Diamondbacks. Trouts deal would surpass this as he would make nearly $36 million a year with the Angels.
Here are some other interesting statistics about Trout’s mega-deal.

As expensive as this deal might be, Trout is worth every penny. Trout for the entirety of his career hasn’t finished below fourth in MVP voting and consistently ranks at the top of player standing every season he has endured.
With Trout setting the new standard for MLB superstars, it will be interesting to see how teams negotiate deals with their own superstars.

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