WATCH: Kansas Football Getting Hype For Spring Football

Kansas football has been one of the worst major conference programs over the past couple of seasons. Les Miles was hired to make the Jayhawks successful again after a good run at LSU. He has brought a new energy to the Kansas program as the players look ready for the 2019 season, according to their Twitter page.
The intense one-on-one hitting drill named the Jayhawk drill has got all the players excited. Miles was pleased with his players getting after each other as it provided them their first opportunity to impress him. The defense was a little more successful than the offense during the drill, which is a promising sign in the pass-happy Big 12.

The Jayhawks have struggled to win games over the past four seasons as they won only six games under former head coach David Beaty. Kansas has been the worst team in the Big 12 as it has not finished in the top half of the division since finishing third in the Big 12 North in 2008. Since the conference went to 10 teams in 2011, the Jayhawks have finished in 10th place in every season except for the ninth-place finish in 2014.
Les Miles was one of the most successful coaches in the country during his time in Baton Rouge, winning SEC titles and the 2007 national championship. Excluding his four-game run as head coach in 2016, Miles has had a winning record in every season except for his debut season in 2001. He was an excellent recruiter at LSU, bringing in numerous top 10 recruiting classes to LSU.
Kansas has struggled to bring in good recruiting classes over the past couple of cycles and need an infusion of talent to compete in the Big 12. Miles’ new Jayhawk drill has the players hyped for the rest of spring practice. His success at Kansas is still to be determined, but his new Jayhawk drill should have Kansas football fans excited for 2019.

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