Limas Sweed NCAA Lawsuit: Ex-Longhorn Sues For $5M Over Brain Damage

Former Texas Longhorns star wide receiver Limas Sweed is suing the NCAA, according to TMZ. Sweed was a second-round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2008 draft. He only played two seasons in the NFL and tried to have a career in the CFL. With his football career now over, Sweed is suing the NCAA for $5 million for the damage done to his brain.
Sweed says that he is suffering from depression, memory loss, headaches and other symptoms caused by numerous concussions. The former receiver is going after the NCAA because he believes that they do not do enough to protect players.
During his time at Texas, Sweed suffered numerous concussions as well as sub-concussive hits as part of routine practice.
The NCAA has tried to limit the amount of helmet-to-helmet hits in college football with targeting. While the targeting rule has significantly dropped the number of big hits, Sweed did not play with that rule in effect.
The rule change is beneficial to players health, but also aids Sweed’s case. The former Longhorn is claiming that his pain is from direct negligence of the NCAA. The new rule can be seen as a sign of the NCAA trying to cover up their missteps from earlier on.
Sweed’s case against the NCAA for brain trauma could have a game-changing result. If the Texas receiver wins the suit, more former players could be filing the same lawsuits to get money for the damages they received while playing football.
The 34-year old was part of the Texas team that upset top-ranked USC in the famous 2006 Rose Bowl. Sweed had a solid career at Texas, as he finished his career with 1,915 yards and 20 touchdowns. He is third in school history in receiving touchdowns and 10th in receiving yards, despite sharing time with Longhorn legends Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby.

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