WATCH: Zion Williamson Demolishes Backboard In Pick Up Game

College basketball’s most exciting player is back on the court. Zion Williamson and the Duke Blue Devils made an abrupt departure from the NCAA Tournament when they were upset by Michigan State. But just days after Duke’s Elite Eight loss, it seemed Williamson was craving some court time.
Slam shared a video of Williamson taking time out of his day to go dominate the poor souls at the Duke rec center.
In the video, Willaimson passes the ball off the backboard to himself and then emphatically puts it down causing the entire backboard to recoil back and forth. Duke may need to update the equipment in their rec center if Willaimson continues to throw down highlight-reel dunks with his 284-pound frame.

Knick fans heart’s skipped a beat when seeing the backboard shake back and forth. Willaimson added another highlight dunk to his resume, but at what cost. Say the backboard did give out under Williamson’s immense weight. An injury may have occurred and his career may have been in jeopardy. With the collegiate season now over, Williamson needs to be more careful in what he chooses to do.
On a less serious note, the Duke rec center will probably see an increase in population with the potential No. 1 pick soaring around the court. It’s not every day normal students have the opportunity to play against one of the most prized athletes in the nation.
It’s good to see Williamson taking an initiative with his offseason training, but with a history with injuries he has to be careful.

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