Parks Frazier Home Shooting: Roughly 70 Shots Fired Into Colts Assistant's Home

A frightening incident occurred at the home of Indianapolis Colts assistant Parks Frazier over the weekend, according to the Indy Channel. Police are on the look for up to eight suspects after approximately 70 shots were fired into Frazier’s home.
The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says the Frazier family was not home at the time of the incident.
The details, however, remain terrifying:

According to a police report, witnesses said eight young males in three cars pulled up to the house and opened fire. The rear door was also kicked in and several rounds were fired into the house from there.
The police report said handgun and rifle casings were found in the street, directly in front of the house. A cell phone belonging to one of the suspects was dropped at the scene and found by police.

“About five minutes until six, I was in the kitchen trying to fix myself a little meal,” a 93-year-old neighbor said of the shooting, according to WTHR. “All at once BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! It was very loud, and it sounded like it was tearing up my house.”
Frazier is officially listed as the Indianapolis Colts’ assistant head coach.
At the time of this writing, no arrests have been made and there is no motive identified.

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