WATCH: Jalen Rose Says Juwan Howard Hire Squashes Fab Five Beef

The Michigan basketball program hired former star Juwan Howard, who had spent the past few seasons as an assistant with the NBA’s Miami Heat. The hire was well received by the Wolverines faithful and it could also mend some fractured relationships.
During an appearance on ESPN’s morning show “Get Up,” fellow Fab Five member Jalen Rose discussed the hire and said that it will lead to a reunion of the standout group of Rose, Chris Webber, Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson.
“I just gotta acknowledge this on national television. Those days are over,” Rose said during his appearance. “Not seeing eye to eye. There will not be any disrespect to the program. There will not be any side shows. There will not be any friction amongst the Fab Five. We’re about to all come together like Voltron and make sure we do what we gotta do to put us back on top of the map.”

The Fab Five has had some public discord in recent years with controversy leading to the program disassociating from Weber and removing its Fab Five banners. With the Howard hire, it looks like Michigan can once again relive their glory days while returning to paying homage of their past.

Juwan Howard Reportedly Set to Become Michigan Basketball Coach
Juwan Howard Reportedly Set to Become Michigan Basketball Coach