Nebraska Football: Jovan Dewitt Gives Update on Throat Cancer

A member of the Nebraska football staff has provided an incredible health update. Cornhuskers linebackers coach Jovan Dewitt, who was diagnosed with throat cancer months ago, announced that he is now cancer free.
In an interview with the Omaha World-Herald, Dewitt announced that a CAT scan found no cancer cells in his body after treatment that caused him to lose 95 pounds.
“In terms of how much they’ve checked on my family, twice a week, they’d bring by meals so my wife didn’t have to worry about cooking, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a huge, huge thing to have that kind of support.
“For college football coaches, it’s really not what we do, it’s really more of an obsession for us. So it really helps alleviate my mind and a lot of the worries I’ve had to go through for the last few months. It’s very, very therapeutic for me to talk football and be around football and coach football and absorb as much of it as I can.”
Dewitt was undergoing treatment for four months for his throat cancer.
Congratulations to Dewitt on his recovery.
The Cornhuskers officially kickoff their 2019 campaign on August 31 at Memorial Stadium Lincoln against the South Alabama Jaguars.

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