WATCH: Ping-Pong Trick Shot Duo Goes Viral with Latest Video

While Dude Perfect has set the bar for crazy trick shots in recent, there are plenty of other videos on the internet that demonstrate even more impressive trick shots. The latest viral trick shot video is from Taheer Alibhai, 21, and Alikhan Kazia, 20.

These two men from Nairobi met at a ping-pong tournament last year and have been partnering on ping-pong trick shot videos ever since then. Alibhai is the mastermind behind the trick shots as he brainstorms and organizes potential shot ideas. Kazia is the man who uses his unique skill to pull off the tricks. Their goal is to make Kazia known as Africa’s biggest “trick shotter.”
Due to their ongoing educational requirements at school, the two men only practice and execute the trick shots on weekends. The duo posts all of their videos to Facebook and have worked on promoting their Instagram page, PongMastersKe, as well.

Alibhai and Kazia mainly use items that are laying around their respective homes, which includes masking tape, socks, bottles, boards and cups. The only expensive aspect of their trick shots is the paddle that Kazia uses. The paddle is the same type that a professional ping-pong player would use and cost 40,000 Kenyan shillings, according to a recent Daily Mail article.
In one trick shot, Kazia hits the ball with his paddle off of a board on the table into a cup hanging from the ceiling by a string. In another trick shot, he hits the ball off of a board on the table, spins and hits the ball through the opening of a masking tape roll as it’s rolling off the table.
The duo is incredibly talented and if they can keep producing videos with trick shots similar to the ones in their latest video, they might be known as the world’s biggest “trick shotter.”

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