Top 10 Best Dynamic Duos In The NBA Right Now

A lot has happened this NBA offseason. There has been a significant shift in the NBA from superteams to dynamic duos. There are numerous amounts of teams now with two stars to build a championship team around. So we decided to rank our top 10 duos in the NBA right now. Not only is talent taken into effect for this list but chemistry as well.

10. Luka Doncic/Kristaps Porzingis

Team: Dallas Mavericks
Dallas seems to be the only team that is allowed to have the best European players. Doncic and Porzingis will be an interesting combo this season. Both are extremely young and have supreme talent. Both can stretch the floor and take defenders off the dribble at will. Injuries could be a problem with this young duo, as Porzingis has struggled for most of his career to actually stay on the court. But when he does he is magical and his new teammate Luka Doncic is also pretty special. I think Dallas will make a huge leap this season thanks to this new combo. Only things really stopping this from working is injuries and ego.

9. Joel Embiid/Ben Simmons

Team: Philadelphia 76ers
This duo would be a lot higher if Ben Simmons can hit an open jump shot or even attempt an open jump shot. Both players are extremely talented and still very young, the problem they have is that the styles of basketball they both play cause them to clog the lane. Or making Embiid be a perimeter player so that Simmons has the lane, which causes them to not have his best skills which is being a dominant post player. However thus far, without having complimentary styles the Sixers have still been one of the best teams and they were only a couple of bounces away from being in the Eastern Conference Finals. If Simmons can improve that jump shot then the Sixers become serious contenders for a championship next season.

8. Russell Westbrook/James Harden

Team: Houston Rockets
Obviously, this duo are two of the best offensive players in the league. Anytime you have two former MVPs on your team who are still in their primes you are typically going to do pretty well. The chemistry is what I think the issue will be. I know that they are great friends and played together in OKC for a while but both players games have significantly changed. They both need the ball in their hands to operate. If they can dedicate a way where both players are able and okay with playing off the ball is how this is going to work out. I think Westbrook off the ball is how this is really going to work well, he can be a great cutter for the Rockets. It will be interesting to see how this all works out.

7. Nikola Jokic/Jamal Murray

Team: Denver Nuggets
Jokic and Murray have tremendous chemistry with one another and complement each other very well. Jokic makes up Murray’s ability to create with others while Murray is able to provide the quickness and athleticism that Jokic lacks. The two work like a well-oiled machine for head coach Mike Malone. But so far this has mostly been based on one season that Murray was really looked at as a clear cut 1B. Jokic might be the best big man in the NBA but there are a lot of guards that are better than Jamal Murray as of right now. Denver was great last season when these two were running the show it will be interesting to see if they can duplicate that this season.

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo/Khris Middleton

Team: Milwaukee Bucks
The team with the best regular-season last year was the Milwaukee Bucks, in part due to the play of Middleton and the MVP Giannis. Like Murray and Jokic, the two really compliment each other and cover the skills that the other lacks. Middleton can stretch the floor and allow Giannis to operate with an open paint. But a lot like Murray and Jokic, Giannis might be the best player in the NBA but there are a lot of guards who are better than Middleton. That being said this is still a tremendous one-two punch and probably one of the best in Eastern Conference and the NBA. There are just duos who are more talented.

5. Damien Lillard/CJ McCollum

Team: Portland Trail Blazers
Perhaps a top 10 backcourt in NBA history, McCollum and Lillard truly are dynamic. Both are outstanding iso players but play extremely well off the ball. Both can hit shot from anywhere on the court with there limitless range. They both do struggle defensively but are improving. The biggest knock against them was that they never made a deep run in the playoffs. That changed this past season where they were able to reach the Western Conference Finals. Since they became consistent backcourt teammates Lillard and McCollum have only had success.

4. Steph Curry/Klay Thompson

Team; Golden State Warriors
The best backcourt in NBA history will not be able to play with each other until after the All-Star break most likely, as Klay Thompson is still recovering from his injury he suffered in the Finals. Possibly the two best shooters in NBA history have begun to get slighted with all the new duos forming this offseason. They will soon remind people why they were once the NBA’s best duo later this season. I can’t wait to see these two back in action again. Just remember the last time these two were the top guys on their team they Lead the Warriors to the best record the NBA has ever had. It will take some time before we see it but still one of the top duos in the NBA.

3. Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving

Team: Brooklyn Nets
Two of the most gifted players in NBA history will not be able to play with each other for a season following Kevin Durant’s injury in the finals. Irving and Durant are two of the best iso players ever and will be a real threat in the east for the foreseeable future. I think the two will work very well with each other and be a nightmare each night for opposing teams. In a weak eastern conference, the Nets are set to dominate and the only thing holding them back is injuries. It will be an exciting duo but unfortunately, we will have to wait a season before we can see Durant and Irving on the court.

2. LeBron James/Anthony Davis

Team: Los Angles Lakers
James and Davis are two guys who were born to play basketball and now they get to team up and try and bring a championship back to the Lakers. No one can deny the talent that both of them have, both easily being the top five players in the league when they are healthy. How these two will play together I’m not sure yet. Past bigs who were All-Star players who teamed up with LeBron usually dropped in production. The difference here is that Davis will be the clear cut 1B guy on the Lakers and is significantly more talented than previous bigs LeBron has played with Chris Bosh and Kevin Love. Hopefully, James and Davis can stay healthy for the whole season.

1. Kawhi Leonard/Paul George

Team: Los Angles Clippers
To be successful in the NBA you need to have elite wing players, and the Clippers have two now. Leonard and George are probably the unlikeliest players to team up when free agency began mainly because George was under contract with the Thunder. The Clippers acquisition of Leonard and George puts them if not at the top close to it in the NBA. After what Leonard did in Toronto it is not crazy to think that the Clippers could win the title next season. Again the only thing that will slow this duo down will be an injury as neither player have a big ego and won’t ruin the chemistry that the Clippers already have. Leonard and George lead the class of best duos in the NBA.

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