Troy Aikman Viciously Drags Doug Gottlieb Over Andrew Luck Remarks

There was some FOX on FOX crime over the weekend. Troy Aikman, the Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback who is now on the lead FOX NFL commentating team, went directly for the throat of FOX Sports radio host and former credit card scammer Doug Gottlieb after the latter decided to share his thoughts on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.
Luck had suddenly retired from the NFL on Saturday, saying he was mentally exhausted after a flurry of injuries and that football was stopping him from living the life he wanted to live.
Following the news, Gottlieb went to Twitter with a hot take.
“Retiring cause rehabbing is ‘too hard’ is the most millennial thing ever,” Gottlieb wrote.
Those comments were immediately met with backlash.
Most people cracked jokes about Gottlieb’s history of credit card fraud which caused him to be kicked out of Notre Dame, but no one went directly for jugular quite like Aikman.
“That’s total bullshit Doug,” Aikman wrote on Twitter. “What qualifies you to decide how someone should live their life? So you’re now the authority on what motivates Andrew Luck? And if his decisions don’t fit into what you think is best for him then you rip him? Guess that keeps you employed on FS1. Nice.”
Ouch. That one strikes right to the core.

The only question now is whether Gottlieb will respond to the criticism when he takes the air on Monday, August 26.

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