College Football: 3 Heisman Front Runners After Week 3

Three weeks in and every Heisman contender is apart of a top-six team. You have Jalen Hurts at Oklahoma, Tua at “Bama, T-Lawrence and Travis Etienne at Clemson, Justin Fields and J.K. Dobbins at OSU, and Joe Burrow at LSU. Uncoincidentally, here is the most recent AP Top-25 Poll:

  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Georgia
  4. LSU
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Ohio State

Krazy. But who do I like best? That is the question currently up for contention. I have three dudes in mind:

Jalen Hurts

Hurts’ journeyman career as a true freshman starter for a 14-0 Crimson Tide, to having his job pulled midway through the title game for a six-foot Hawaiian backup, to watching said Hawaiian keep the starting gig for good, to transferring to Oklahoma, and now, to Heisman contention.
Alabama was a run-based offense with Hurts as its quarterback and running backs such as Josh Jacobs, Damien Harris, and Bo Scarbrough (to name a few) in the backfield. Always elite on in the trenches and enlisting a likewise elite runner at QB it just made sense to run a Georgia Tech lite offense with Jalen. His passing was always discounted. And once Hurts lost his job, ‘Bama really just happened upon what might be the greatest receiving core in the history of the sport: Jerry Jeudy, Jalen Waddle, Henry Ruggs and Devonta Smith will all be drafted. Jalen never had the chance to throw to such an extraordinary pass-catching staff. But he does now.
Oklahoma possesses the best offense in the country annually and this season is no exception, yet. Behind Hurts’ cannon arm, churning legs, and expert decision making, the Sooners are absolutely eviscerating their opponents. I expect Hurts to remain a front runner throughout the year and possibly even bringing home Oklahoma’s third consecutive Heisman trophy.

Joe Burrow

My personal pick for the award. An LSU quarterback. I don’t really understand how Burrow isn’t the hands-down leader. Hurts has a better story and can be played up as a Nick Saban heel. With the Player of the Year awards in college sports, you have to remember one rule: the narrative always wins.
What story by Joe Football Writer is going to get more viewers? Jalen Hurts leaving Alabama because he was benched by narcissistic crazyman Nick Saban (Joe has an unexplained personal vendetta against the winningest coach in the sport. He’s not alone.) and “persevering” to win the Heisman under such abominable circumstances like playing with the sport’s most innovative offensive mind  and being surrounded by five-star playmakers, AGAIN, but in an even better system. Or, you have Joe Burrow, who is quarterbacking the best LSU team in years and is the only thing separating the Tigers from the past 11 years of quarterback malpractice and inability to defeat the Tide. But Burrow has a freaking cannon and he just walloped the Texas defense two weeks ago.
Essentially, is LSU beats ‘Bama and qualifies for the Playoff, he’ll win, right? Almost certainly if he retains his gaudy passing numbers.

Bo Nix

One of the SEC West quarterbacks (Tua, Burrow, Nix) is finishing the gauntlent as a Heisman favorite. If LSU represents the division in the SEC championship, then Burrow takes a step forward. Tua can still flip the switch an extra notch that nobody else can reach. And Bo Nix is a swashbuckling war eagle that brings military aggressiveness and a bazooka arm to the gridiron. In terms of pure entertainment, Bo is my guy. He looks insane. Hair buzzed, typical face but it always shows anger and focus. Nix is a freshman who can throw the ball further than he can think. And Auburn is again really really good. Nix is a LOOONG shot but he’s a long shot that can sling the rock like David against Goliath.

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