Here Is Why MLB Players Are Fed Up with the Astros

MLB has concluded their investigations and punishments have been handed down to the appropriate parties but the feelings anger and frustration surrounding the Astros cheating scandal have yet to subside. On February 13, Astros owner Jim Crane, second baseman Jose Altuve, and third baseman Alex Bregman participated in a press conference and gave their apologies to the league and fans. So everything is settled, right? We’re all done? Not even close.

Correa Speaks Out

After the press conference, Twitter exploded with fans saying the apology was nowhere near what it should have been and felt fake. Altuve and Bregman both spoke very briefly and fans criticized that both players were reading from a script. But it didn’t stop there. Carlos Correa gave an interview with Ken Rosenthal where he tore into Cody Bellinger, who spoke up about the cheating scandal with reporters at the Dodgers spring training camp.

“He’s either bad at reading comprehension or he’s just really not informed at all,” Correa said. Correa went on to defend Altuve against Bellinger’s claim that he didn’t deserve the MVP and why he didn’t want his shirt ripped off. Apparently Altuve had gotten a bad tattoo that he didn’t want people to see until he got it fixed.

The press asked Gleyber Torress, the New York Yankees heavily tattooed shortstop if he would let people tear off his shirt even if he had a bad tattoo. He said in a moment like that he would.

The Players Have Something to Say

With all the drama that came about from the apologizes journalists and fans wanted to know what non-Astros player had to say about everything. Reds Pitcher Trevor Bauer wasted no time in telling the world how he felt about the Astros. Bauer is known to be an outspoken player who doesn’t hold back when he has a problem with someone or something. He has continued to send out tweets about Houston. On February 14th he tweeted out,

Since my phone is blowing up if there are any more @astros players who want to hit me up to have a conversation on the phone, my agent is @AgentRachelLuba.She will be handling scheduling the rest of these appointments. Talk to y’all soon.” 

But Bellinger and Bauer were not the only ones voicing their grievances. Yu Darvish of the Chicago Cubs told ESPN that he feels the Astros should have their 2017 World Series taken away.

Mike Trout of the Angels, who is usually very reserved in his comments to the press, expressed that he had players from the Astros reach out to him to explain their side of things but he was not interested. He also expressed the loss of respect for Astros players that have come along with the scandal.

“It’s sad for baseball,” Trout told reporters.

Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees said his teammates could rip his pants off if he hits a home run during the World Series.

As players report to their spring training camps this week it is safe to say that more players from around the league will be letting the fans know that they too are frustrated with Houston.

New Rules for 2020 season

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Dusty Baker, the Astros new manager, and long time MLB manager requested that MLB put in protections for his new team this year. This comes after several pitchers told reporters that the Astros would most likely be thrown at during their at-bats. These comments left a lot of fans asking why the players should get special protection when they received no punishment for their involvement in the cheating scandal. MLB already has rules against pitchers that intentionally hit batters. If the league determines that a pitcher did hit a batter intentionally they are suspended for five games.

When asked by reporters if the Yankees would be retaliating against the Astros Yankee Manager Aaron Boone said,

“We won’t be in the business of going after or throwing at people on purpose. We’ll just have to see how everything unfolds, but I don’t expect it to be an issue for us.’’

With all that has occurred in the offseason all of MLB, fans included will have the Astros under a microscope. Now the only questions is how will the fans respond when the Houston Astros come to town?

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