The 10 Dogs that MLB Fans Love

The MLB is full of players that capture our hearts with their work ethic, amazing plays, and clutch hits. But who holds the key to these superstars’ hearts? Their dogs of course! In no particular order here are 10 dogs that fans can’t get enough of in the MLB.

10. Ace Corbin

Patrick Corbin of the Washington Nationals introduced his new best friend Ace to the world in January of 2018 when Ace was just a puppy. Since then he has taken over the Corbin household and appeared in the Washington Nationals Pet Calendar.

9. Leo Gennett

Second baseman for the San Fransico Giants, Scooter Gennett, furry friend Leo is all smiles. During the 2018 offseason, Gennett and his wife Kelsey rented an RV to take Leo to spring training with them. Due to his size the Gennetts would have to put Leo in the checked baggage compartment under the plane. Instead, they took him across the country in comfort in the RV.

8. All Four Scherzer Dogs

Max Scherzer doesn’t have just one dog, he has a whole pack! The long time Washinton Nationals star has four dogs who have all been rescued from shelters. Two of the dogs even share one of Scherzer’s unique traits of having two different colored eyes. The Scherzers are avid animal rescuers and document all of their rescue animals on their Instagram pages.

7. Kobe Machado

Kobe Machado (pictured on the left) is the furry friend of San Diego Padres Third baseman, Manny Machado. Clearly this dog has style and attitude. Kobe has been known to attend workouts with Machado when he can.

6. Chapin Posey

San Fransico Giants catcher Buster Posey’s self-proclaimed best friend and Posey family mascot is his dog, Chapin. Chapin looks to be in a constant state of sadness in all of his photos but when your dad is an MLB All-Star how bad can life be? Chapin seems to spend most of his time lounging in the sun.

5. Achillies Torres

New York Yankee Gleyber Torres showed off his furry friend Achillies on International Dog Day. Achillies enjoys hikes with forever family and playing with his toys while laying on his back with his feet in the air. You have to love a dog with personality.

4. Paco and Junior Lindor

Just like their dad Fransico Lindor, father and son duo Paco and Junior are rarely seen without a smile on their faces. Paco and Junior have also been featured in posts for Smile Direct Club which Lindor is a partner off.

3. Cooper Yelich

Copper Yelich spends his days with Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich. But don’t go to Christian’s Instagram to get a glimpse into Cooper’s life. This pup has his own account where he shares posts of his daily activities including, but not limited to, destroying toys, hanging out with his feline friends, and stealing the remote for the television. During baseball season Cooper is cared for by Alicia Yelich, Christian’s mom.

2. Riley Hicks

Aaron Hicks, outfielder for the New York Yankees, got his chocolate lab, Riley, in 2015 and the pair have been best friends ever since. In 2019 Riley became a big brother to Hicks and long time girlfriend Jessica Knoles, son.

1. Josie and Juno Trout

In September of 2019, Mike Trout and his wife Jessica expanded their furry family with their pup Josie (pictured on the left). The couple already had their American Eskimo Dog, Juno. The two became fast friends and enjoy their days playing together. On March 2nd, 2020 Mike Trout announce that these two fluff balls would be getting another best friend in August when Jessica Trout gives birth to a baby boy.



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