How Sports Fans are Coping with #NoSports

With all major sports being suspended or closed to the public for the foreseeable future sports fans are getting their taste of competition in unconventional ways. If your feeling the pain of #NoSports here are some ways that you can get your fill of friendly competition.

1. Lobster Fighting

If you love combat sports and are running low on essential supplies head down to your local seafood counter and see the lobsters square off for the title of Ultimate Lobster Champion.

2. Marble Racing

Racing more your speed? Why not watch marble racing? This event comes complete with unique competitors who are sure to get your blood pumping with excitement and excellent color commentary.

3. In House Stickball

Need to get up and move around? Try in house stickball! This couple brought America’s pastime inside ad even got their furry friend involved.

4. The Classics

Fans across the world are reliving their childhood by watching some of the greatest sports movies of all time. Set yourself up with your own marathon of Space Jam, A League of Their Own, and The Rookie. Or rewatch your favorite games of all time replaying on local stations, MLB Network, and ESPN.

5. Break Out the Board Games

Board games are making a strong comeback during the pandemic. Families all over the world are breaking out their old favorites to have some friendly competition even under quarantine.

6. There’s Always Madden

If all else fails there’s always video games. NBA2k20 and MLB The Show 20 are available if need something more realistic. Bonus: you get to see all your favorite players in action, well sort of…

Remember sports fans this won’t last forever and when sports are back we will all appreciate them just a little bit more than we already do.

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Here Is Every Sport Affected By Coronavirus So Far