How a Song Made Reggae Sauce Founder Levi Roots Rich

Levi Roots has had a decent music career as a notable artist, having performed with musicians such as Maxi Priest and James Brown. His fortune, however, isn’t solely from music, but his beats did play a small role in his incredible success.

The Story Of Levi Roots’ Success

Mr Roots shot to fame after appearing on Dragon’s Den, where he went looking for investment for his reggae sauce. The sauce, like any other, can be used on food from fried chicken to rice.

For his investment pitch, he sang a song called “Reggae Reggae Sauce,” a catchy tune that could easily have gone viral.

The pitch and the sauce impressed two investors, Richard Farleigh and Peter Jones. These businessmen pledged to invest 50,000 GBP for 20% of the Reggae Sauce business. With the help of the investors and his knowledge of business, Mr Roots was able to scale his business and is now opening restaurants across the U.K.

Currently, Mr Roots’ business is valued at 30 million GBP, which equates to a little less than 40 million USD.

Not many know it, but Mr Roots’ children didn’t want him appearing on Dragon’s Den. They felt his appearance would only be an embarrassment, especially with the song he planned to sing. Instead of listening to his family, the visionary used the disapproval as fuel to his fire, doing everything he could until he got a fair shot on the show.

Mr Roots’ Gets A Chance To Share His Story

Two of the U.K.’s independent film producers, Meg Leonard and Nick Moorcroft, are working with Mr Roots to create a movie that highlights his journey.

The movie will share his story from the start, as a child growing up in Jamaica where he could barely afford to buy shoes. He eventually emigrated to the U.K. when he turned 11, and at one point, served in prison for a drug offence. It will go on to explain how he turned his life around by creating a food and drink empire with the help of the investment he received in the Dragon’s Den.

The production aims to give hope to emigrants within developed nations, encouraging each individual to strive for a goal and work hard at a chance to see their dreams realized. Mr. Roots is ecstatic that he is being given an opportunity to showcase his journey and hopes that others will take inspiration from his life, learning that hard work is worth it.

Starting a business requires you to take a risk, and not many individuals are willing to make these kinds of sacrifices. Casino games on 918Kiss require a similar leap of faith, and people have no problem playing these as a pastime.

So, what can we learn from Mr Roots? You won’t find true success until you take some risks. Don’t wait around hoping to strike it lucky—work for it and seize every opportunity. The journey may not be easy, but if you believe in yourself, you will do well in life, like Levi Roots.

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