Jpop Bands You May Have Not Heard Of

Music has always been a big part of Japanese culture. Just walking around Japan shows you how prolific it is, from jingles in convenience stores to music in restaurants and clubs. It makes sense for the country to have a thriving music industry with the level of innovation that exists, but its Japanese pop music is particularly unique and exceptionally creative.

Listening to Jpop will do more than satisfy your hunger for good music; it can help you relax and simultaneously improve your Japanese.

We are so sure that you will love the Jpop bands below that we are willing to bet on it (if only SBOBET let us wager on bands and the likelihood of people falling in love with their music).


AKB48 is a massive girl band with 48 members, making it one of the biggest internationally. They have numerous hits, such as “Heavy Rotation” and “Let’s Become Cherry Blossom Trees.” The band creates a mix of upbeat and slow-paced songs so that they can engage a wider audience.

The girls in the band have had their share of controversy, with a recent event seeing one member shave her head after a complicated dating relationship.


Are you looking for the Backstreet Boys of Japan? Arashi is one of the oldest boy bands still active in the country, coming together in 1999.

Being in the music industry for so long has elevated the members as “idols” in Japan, with quite an impressive following. A few members of the band have even tried acting or a solo music career but always returned to the group.

Arashi features a lot of slow ballads that rely heavily on lyrics to touch the heart, much like The Backstreet Boys. The top songs by the band are currently:

  • “Love so sweet”
  • “Monster”
  • “Power of the Paradise”

Exile Tribe

Exile Tribe is another massive pop band with 19 male members. The group has a blend of musicians and dancers, so their performance is epic, live and on video. The band has been creating music since 2012 and has released a total of eight albums.

For those that enjoy upbeat music or something you can dance to, Exile Tribe is perfect. The songs feature catchy beats and will have you moving in no time.


Perfume can be considered the Japanese version of the Spice Girls. They may not be as flashy, but they have the talent and drive to become Japan’s answer to the most popular international girl band in history.

The girls have won numerous awards through the years, which include Best Asian Pop Award in 2010 at Mnet Asian Music Awards, and Best Active Overseas in 2020 at the Space Shower Music Awards.

The band features many trending hits, like “Challenger,” “Future Pop,” and “Nee.”

Jpop is quickly gaining traction, not just in Japan but internationally. Our list will help you stay ahead of the trend and be one of the first to listen to amazing Jpop bands that are on the cusp of becoming mainstream.

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